Debunking some myths about the Ancona Duck, with master breeder Dave Holderread

Ok everyone get your coffee and hold on to your seat because years of confusion is about to become fact. This audio was taken last year in an attempt to make all the confused Ancona lovers a little less confused. 

Master breeder Dave Holderread and the Boondockers Farm have been working together to help create a wonderful diverse population of Ancona ducks. Dave talks about breeding, color traits, tri-colored Anconas, Magpies, eye color and more! Listening to this is a MUST if you plan on breeding these endangered creatures before the are run into the ground genetically.

The Dave Holderread audio was shot with audio and only because we were eating dinner and didnt want to film the dinner.

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  1. What a great clip, between listening to this dialogue and reading Holderread's chapter on genetics in Raising Ducks I definitely understand why trying to keep a single-color flock is not only difficult, but detrimental to the breed as a whole! Glad that I also have an excuse to keep my beautiful blues and chocolates, and intrigued to keep any tricolors that might crop up.