With the start of Spring 2013 let’s talk heat units!

With the start of Spring let’s talk heat units!

With all the weather oddities we have been having it’s an easier way to see the true way to tell if you can get a harvest out of a crop for your area. Figuring your heat units that the crop requires and how many units your garden or farm has are the next steps...

Here is the way you calculate them, you take the day's high temperature (maximum) and the day's low temperature (minimum) and add them together. Then divide by two and subtract 55 from that. That gives you the heat units.

Example: Daytime high (maximum) 75 deg. F, nighttime low (minimum) 45 deg. F. Add those together and divide by 2 you get 120/2 or 60. Subtract 55 and you get 5 heat units. If you get a negative it means you dont add any that day.

It is helpful to keep track of your own min and max with a thermometer that does it for you. Its also fairly easy to find out the median heat units for your area if you look at temperature data highs and lows online for the closest weather stations temps, then you can figure the average for your area. It’s better to test the heat units where you are growing so you can see what your specific location is rather than the weather stations temperature. Happy planting season!!

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  1. I have fallen in love with your farm and the way you guys are doing! GREAT JOB!