Craigslist Joe

Craigslist Joe

The end of an era for us. Well not really... but it might feel like that when we lose an intern and friend Joe Fritz this next week.

 Many of you have met Joe over the last 6 months and grown to love him. He brings a warm appearance to our customers when they stop by the farm and he will be sorely missed. This was Joe’s first farming apprenticeship and ours at our new relocated farm in Portland making it really challenging for all of us having to deal with still moving in on top of learning the new systems on the farm, where to put things, where do animals go, a different everything!
Joe has learned valuable skills from Permaculture principals, to butcherimg chickens, to the whole process of raising ducks. He has proved to be a valuable team member to get things done here in the timeliness farmers need… no matter how long it seemingly takes sometimes. Farming is very frustrating sometimes and Joe has learned when it’s not that easy to get something done you’ve really got to figure out a way to do it, that is farming in a nut shell. Joe came to the farm with love and passion for our animals even though he doesn’t have a immediate farming background but his grandparents used to have a small farm proving it’s in everyone’s blood.
He definitely feels more confident and passionate about going out and being able to be able to get involved in raise some of his own poultry or another partnership. He is moving back to Minnesota where his brother lives before Christmas and he and his brother have plans to grow hops back in Minnesota as well as he is going back to school while still seeking a farm to work on.  Hopefully he will incorporate the ducks in a rotation in the hops! We said we would send some his way when he is ready for them.  

I really think the hardest thing we do on the farm is learning to work with people on a down-to-earth level. Joe has learned so much more than he already has right now. He will once he leaves and starts to absorb the information that we have been bombarding him with and he takes it all in, then the reality sets in. The food system is broken; our goal is to teach others that there is another way to produce food in many ways even if it’s in your backyard, or on a farm but in a truly sustainable way, with keeping the animals in the most humane way!
You have helped us out to get this amazing place started in a very stressful time!!  Joe you will always be welcome on the farm and if anyone needs an amazingly hard worker in Minnesota he is your guy!
Joe we love you! Cheers and Merry Christmas
-- Evan, Rachel(Us)- Mike, Matt and Keenan(interns)- Jori Reina, Amalie, Chips, Sequin, and Bizuo (dogs) Sundae, Cinnamon, Tiara, Fanny (cows) Housh and Suni and the Holdereads (the Ducks) Sparkle and the gang (Chickens and Turkeys) and of course the itty bitty kitty Chara (the Fat house Cat)!

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  1. I met Joe at the gate and it was a very pleasant experience, sorry to hear your leaving the farm, but good luck on your next journey.
    Big John
    I'm The Dudes Ranch